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About Our Elastic

Elastic Wax Center LLC was created with the intention to help people feel good about themselves. We believe that everyone should get the chance to feel beautiful in their own skin! That is why we keep our beauty services at very affordable prices.
At Elastic Wax Center LLC, we offer exceptional value for whatever your budget is. No matter which of our waxing services you choose, we always use a high number of spatulas and never double dipping. We are very careful about choosing only the best organic and natural products, always with an eye on our clients’ health and wellbeing. Our waxing rooms and waxing tools are kept at the highest level of hygiene, properly disinfected and sanitized after every client. This is important for our clients’ safety and health.

We hope that you will come in and discover the full benefits of waxing at Elastic Wax Center LLC. Here, our clients are our family!


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